There's a popular YouTube Channel called The Angry Grandpa Show and it typically shows lots of prank videos. In the typical video, the titular Grandpa becomes quite angry. The popularity of the channel has helped the family that runs it earn a nice following and a healthy flow of cash. The son on the channel has, in turn, purchased some large-ticket items for Angry Grandpa as a way to say thanks. This includes a new house, and now he's added a dream car to that list.

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Grandpa always regretted losing his 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air. Back in the day, his sister and then-new brother in-law need the car to drive to California, so the car was handed over. Along the way, they had some mechanical trouble and simply sold the car to a junkyard. This crushed Grandpa, who says he would've gone to get the car had he been told it needed a rescue.

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Now he's getting a fresh 1955 Chevy to call his own once again thanks to his grandson. In this video, the grandson first introduces Grandpa to the car while they are out running errands. It's in a parking lot, and Grandpa admires it and reminisces about his first car getting away from him. The family heads back home eventually, and the car shows up in the driveway. That's where Grandpa is told that this is now his car.

Tears and joy flow forth from there. Even if you don't care about this YouTube channel, you can appreciate and enjoy a loved one surprising a family member with their dream machine. 


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