There’s ultra-luxury like you get at Bentley Mulliner and Rolls-Royce Bespoke and then there’s the offerings of Dartz’s Department of Opulence, which tend to be so over the top that you have to wonder: “Who the heck buys this stuff?”

One of the department’s first products is a custom SUV whose steering wheel is likely the most expensive ever made. It features buttons made from gold, a center hub adorned with almost 300 diamonds, and stingray skin grips with a caviar-like finish.

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But the Department of Opulence offers more than just personalization options for Dartz vehicles. The department is branching out into new areas, one of which is the world of fashion. However, don’t expect to actually be able to buy any of the items, that is unless you’re already well-known by Dartz. Each of the items being offered are bespoke limited editions, normally limited to just a handful of examples.

Dartz Department of Opulence

Dartz Department of Opulence

One of the first items is an alligator skin bracelet that will be limited to five pieces. It’s worn in the gallery above by Latvian model Viktоrija Nicole, who helps run the Department of Opulence and serves as the face of Dartz. Another item is an umbrella which on one side is lined in Kevlar and on the other in alligator or shark skin.

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But when it comes to uniqueness, you can’t beat the department’s key holder. It’s the round orange item, modeled after a pressurized capsule that held the black box recorder for the Soyuz spacecraft. Dartz describes the item as a modern day Fabergé egg and says it can also be used to serve caviar.

If you have to ask Dartz the price of one its items, the usual response you get is to just pick a number and add a bunch of zeros to the end. Yes, this is a world beyond even ultra-luxury; it's best to check all normal consumer logic at the door.