Before you pull your hair out over the thought of someone ruining a Porsche 356 by swapping in a Subaru engine, note that this is a replica we’re talking about.

The car belongs to Tom Murtaugh, and it’s a replica of a 1957 356 Speedster. He’s an enthusiast who’s always wanted the experience of owning a 356 but didn’t have the budget to purchase an original.

Murtaugh recently presented the car on an episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, explaining that it’s built around the bones of a donor Volkswagen Beetle. However, instead of using the wimpy VW engine Murtaugh has gone with a 2.5-liter flat-4 from a Subaru.

As Jay would say, the car is nicely done. In fact, the comedian and former television host thought the car was an original when he first saw it.

The Subaru engine isn’t its only surprise. Lift the front hood and you’ll find an earthquake survival kit. Should the big one hit, it’s clear Murtaugh won't be leaving his 356 Speedster behind.