You know the name AMS Performance. It's the tuning company turning out insanely powerful and wickedly quick Nissan GT-Rs.

You also probably know the name Gidi Chamdi, as we wrote about him and his Lamborghini Gallardo when he used it to hit 240.64 mph in a half-mile airstrip run, securing himself the record. Now the speed freak is back with his AMS-tuned Nissan GT-R, and he's set a quarter mile record for GT-R owners everywhere to aspire to.

The run took place at Milan Dragway in Michigan (not Italy). There, Gidi took his GT-R down the 1,320-foot strip of tarmac and tripped the lights with a time of 7.14 seconds. His trap speed? 212 mph! Gidi himself didn't even think the run felt fast so he was unaware that he had set the record until his crew told him so.

Gidi and AMS Performance both say the car has plenty left as well. We're not saying there's a 6.0-second run in the near future, but we certainly wouldn't be betting against that happening.

Now we want Gidi to run this GT-R in the half mile to see what it's capable of, even though it's not quite as street-legal as the Gallardo he ran prior. If he's hitting 212 in just a quarter of a mile, then he should have enough power to throw down a wild number in the half-mile jaunt.