From 1987 through 1992, Ferrari [NYSE:RACE] built a tremendous machine called the F40. It was the last car to get the thumbs up from the man whose name is on the building and all of the cars—Enzo Ferrari.

Enzo himself blessed the F40, and the world rejoiced (and put up posters of the F40 in their bedrooms). Now an example has rolled into Jay Leno's Garage, and The Denim One is going to take it for a spin.

This particular car is a 1990 F40, and it's owned by massive Ferrari fan David Lee. He owns an Enzo, the F50, a 280 GTO, a 288 GTO prototype race car, and a few classics that are worth millions. He's also packing some of the more recent machines into his impressive stable. Leno himself states that he enjoys the modern Ferrari products, yet he doesn't own any. He does have a McLaren though.

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Jay states that the F40 feels almost like an Italian Cobra, in that it's massively powerful and supremely light. He also says he "likes to get slapped around", so he clearly enjoys the F40 in the video above. It's a car that is not for the poser, and you better pay attention while you're driving it or things will go bad quite quickly.

At the end, Jay states that the F40 is the most exciting Ferrari he has ever driven. Seeing as its the car that wound up on many a young child's poster wall as a kid, that's great to hear that the hero lives up to the hype. Even when it's cold outside.