The Lamborghini Huracán, when it first arrived, promised to be a focused Italian speedster that maintained some semblance of balance thanks to its Audi internals and all-wheel-drive system. That car was the 580-4. It wasn't long, however, until Lamborghini brought forth the drifter's delight that is the 580-2. This is the rear-wheel-drive variant, and it's the proper one for behind-the-wheel shenanigans. That's especially true when stunt driver Stina Hubinette is at the wheel.

She's the wife of incredibly talented wheelman Samuel Hubinette, and the pair are quite skilled in the art of making cars dance. To aid in the excitement, Stina's added a hydraulic handbrake to her Lamborghini. This enables on-demand drifting (as if the throttle pedal doesn't), and she puts it to good use.

Based on this video, we're going to assume she's wrapped up a nice little sponsorship deal with Nitto. She certainly doesn't seem to mind thrashing the rubber on the rears of her angry bull. It also happens to look great with its Vorsteiner body bits and flat gray paint work. 

If you want to see a lady stunt driver drift a Lamborghini all over a racetrack while making liberal use of a big ol' handbrake, this video is for you.


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