We’ve already seen it destroy Ferrari’s [NYSE:RACE] LaFerrari over the quarter mile.

Now the Concept_One from Croatian firm Rimac is taking on the Porsche 918 Spyder.

The drag race was conducted by YouTuber Salomondrin for the latest episode of his online show Bangin' Gears, with Rimac’s own CEO and founder Mate Rimac there to pilot the Concept_One. We won’t spoil the outcome so you’ll have to watch on to find out.

Rimac Concept_One

Rimac Concept_One

In case you’ve forgotten, the Concept_One is a still-in-develop electric supercar that boasts four electric motors, a combined output of 1,088 horsepower, and a $980,000 price tag. The battery is an 82-kilowatt-hour lithium iron phosphate unit which should provide the car with at least 200 miles of range, though Rimac isn't quoting an official figure just yet.

What Rimac will confirm is that the Concept_One will hit 62 mph from rest in 2.6 seconds, pass 124 mph in 6.2 seconds, pass 186 mph in 14.2 seconds and eventually top out at 220 mph. The quickest quarter mile figure it posted on the Bangin' Gears episode is a blistering 9.9 seconds.

Incredibly, Rimac has already previewed a lighter, more powerful version of the car dubbed the Concept_S. Now we’re looking forward to seeing what Rimac’s creations can do at the track.