Bentley coupes, sedans, and, yes, even SUVs could have some refreshed styling on the outside in the coming years thanks to a management shakeup.

The high-end British luxury car maker has appointed John Paul Gregory as its new Head of Exterior Design. He's been with the brand for more than eight years, and he joins Stefan Sielaff as part of the team tasked with sculpting the Bentley lineup.

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Sielaff, you'll remember, was appointed Director of Design after Luc Donckerwolke hopped over to helm the Hyundai-Kia styling. Stefan Sielaff replaced Donckerwolke back in 2015, when he was pulled over from within the Volkswagen group.

Back to the upgrade in job title for Gregory though, as he's a young man with strong experience. Prior to his time with Bentley, he worked on the exterior design language for Volkswagen. He received a masters in Automotive Design and an Honours Degree in Transportation Design.

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Now he's setting to work on the lines, cuts, and overall exterior looks that will be used on cars you can't even afford to look at directly. Seriously, either show us your credit limit or keep walking...

Needless to say, it will be interesting to see what happens with Bentley design under Gregory. The automaker's four headlamp look has stayed consistent—and consistently successful—enough to give the brand an especially strong design identity.