Homologation is a wonderful thing. It's what brings us street-legal, near race-spec versions of some of our favorite icons of motorsports.

Today's example is no different, and it hails from the legendary Group B era of rally racing. The car is a 1984 Peugeot 205 T16. It's amazing. It's for sale. It's not cheap.

The 205 T16 is much more than the "standard" 205 GTI. This car is ready to tackle the tarmac, gravel, dirt, snow, and rain. A 1.8-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine sits behind the front seats and sends 197 horsepower out to all four wheels. A set of trick differentials allows the driver to adjust the amount of power heading fore and aft while the suspension sorts out any bumps in the road.

This specific car served life as an Italian press vehicle, and it shows just 12,266 kilometers (7,621 miles) on its odometer. It's the 152nd car produced out of a total run of 200, which makes it rather rare. Car #117 sold at auction in 2014 and fetched a handsome $205,000. The car pictured here has an asking price of nearly $230,000 in its listing.

I said homologation was great, but I never said it is affordable.