While autonomous driving technology may still be in its infancy, there are efforts underway to get a fully autonomous racing series up and running.

The series has even been given a name: Roborace.

We first learned of Roborace back in March. The cars would be identical, right down the various sensors fitted to them. Where teams would be able to gain an edge is through the software controlling the cars. In fact, the “battle of algorithms” is one of Roborace’s taglines.

On Wednesday the organizers of Roborace revealed the final design of the car teams will be using. The design is based on a concept drawn up by Daniel Simon, who in the past has created vehicles for Hollywood movies as well as liveries for various race cars.

Season three Formula E Championship race car

Season three Formula E Championship race car

There are expected to be ten teams, each fielding a pair of cars. The teams will be a diverse group, combining top minds from the world of computing, engineering and motorsport. It’s hoped the series will help accelerate the development of fully autonomous cars for public use.

The first race will coincide with one of the races of season three of the Formula E Championship, which kicks off later this year. This is the season that will see Jaguar enter the electric car racing series.

Recently, organizers of Formula E revealed the common design teams will use for their cars. The key change is a two-tier wing at the front that makes the cars look more aggressive and unlike any other race car.

The first race of the new season is scheduled to take place in Hong Kong on October 9. Season two’s champion was Renault e.Dams driver Sébastien Buemi.