Lincoln says its new approach detection feature in the 2017 Continental flagship sedan will do more than just turn on the lights when the key fob gets near the vehicle.

Instead, it essentially throws out a welcome mat, something Lincoln says is designed to remind owners of checking into a high-end hotel.

A light from the exterior mirror shines down on the ground surface directly below the door not only to show off the Lincoln badge but to help illuminate any puddles. Additionally, LEDs hidden behind the door handles glow in a color matched to the car's exterior to increase visibility.

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2017 Lincoln Continental, 2016 Detroit Auto Show

2017 Lincoln Continental, 2016 Detroit Auto Show

Inside the car, the start button is lighted and pulses gently until it is depressed.

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Lincoln has high hopes for its new Continental—and the brand needs the new sedan to succeed. Lincoln has not been a major player in the luxury market in decades as it has watched its market share slip.

Lincoln says it has the Audi A6 and Mercedes-Benz E-Class in its sights with the Continental, which is quite a bit less expensive than those two Germans but doesn't bring near the level of panache to the table. We'll know how it performs in the market soon as sales are due to start this fall.


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