The speed limits that have dogged the Nürburgring for the last 12 months are now a thing of the past, but there’s already new drama surrounding the famous German racetrack.

It’s being reported that Russian billionaire Viktor Kharitonin has acquired 99 percent of the rights to the Nürburgring with the remaining 1 percent held by German motorsport group Getspeed.

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Getspeed originally partnered with German engineering group Capricorn to purchase the rights to the Nürburgring in 2014 after the previous owner become insolvent. The track itself is owned by the German government and only the rights are sold.

However, Capricorn itself ran into financial trouble shortly after acquiring the rights and in 2014 was forced to sell. Kharitonin, who made his fortune running a pharmaceuticals business back in Russia, at the time only acquired 80 percent of the rights.

New owner hopeful of return to F1 calendar

Forbes Russia reports that Kharitonin now owns 99 percent of the rights. The total price paid is said to be 77 million euros (approximately $87 million).

Kharitonin told the Russian publication that he hopes to see Formula One return to the Nürburgring’s grand prix circuit. He said talks with the sport’s organizers were in progress. There hasn’t been an F1 race at the ‘Ring since 2013.

Kharitonin is also keen to ensure other motorsport events as well as car company testing and the tourist days remain unaffected.

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