Following the death of a spectator in a crash that took place during a race held at the Nürburgring early last year, speed limits were introduced at sections of the track.

This put an end to the possibility of setting Nürburgring lap records, though thankfully the limits were only on a temporary basis pending the completion of some modifications to the track and surrounding areas to improve safety.

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Now that the modifications are complete, the track’s operator, Capricorn, has announced that the speed limits will be removed from this weekend on. The removal coincides with the start of the VLN race series whose highlight is the Nürburgring 24 Hours.

There were seven modifications made which Capricorn was forced to introduce in order to renew its license to hold races at the track. They include lined off areas, fences and more restricted zones for spectators. Around 500 meters of the track surface was also renewed.

The news means automakers can finally continue pushing their cars to the limit at the Nürburgring and perhaps set some new records in the process. The current lap record for a production car is the blistering 6:57 time set by Porsche and its 918 Spyder back in 2013. At least one automaker, Koenigsegg, has set itself a target of beating the time.


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