BMW has taken the wraps off of a pair of new special edition models of its flagship 7-Series sedan: The Solitaire Edition and the Master Class Edition.

Just a handful will be built—six examples of the Solitaire and a single Master Class—but the two models are closely linked to each other, differing only in exterior color paint.

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Both are based on the 750Li. The Solitaires will all be a unique metallic white, while the Master Class will be swathed in a special black shade. Both paints contain glass flakes in their final stage that BMW says give them an extra level of glossiness. 

Inside, both special editions utilize a unique leather dyed a special shade of brown. Alcantara trim offsets the leather on the headliner, while embroidery, which matches a badge on the cars' C-pillars, reminds drivers and passengers that they're in an especially unique special edition. The trunk is finished in the same suede to complete the look. 

Curiously, BMW lists as optional a unique diamond inlay for the cars' piano black interior trim. 

Rear seat passengers are also treated to a refrigerator with its own crystal glassware. 

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Both models are part of BMW's Individual design program, which is available to a lesser degree for almost all of the automaker's lineup. 

There is no word on if any of these cars will make it to the United States, but given their very limited availability, we doubt it. That doesn't mean, however, that you can't use the Individual program to make your own very special 7-Series.


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