Pagani has just unveiled its Huayra BC which we’re told is already sold out.

However, Pagani has another special Huayra coming down the line, one built for exotic car dealership Refined Marques.

You may remember Refined Marques as being the dealership that—most likely falsely—claimed to have a Lamborghini Veneno for sale within months of the car’s 2013 Geneva Motor Show debut.

Well, it appears they’re still in business as now Pagani is going to supply them with the Huayra teased in the video above.

The car being teased looks like your standard Huayra, although at around 16 seconds into the clip a small intake is shown that resembles a hood scoop.

All Pagani states is that the car has been “created with passion and art.”

Stay tuned for an update.


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