In 2014, Jaguar presented a new advertising campaign that took the brand in a rather interesting direction.

Typically, an automaker likes to be seen as heroic. Jaguar, however, sees things a bit differently and decided to fully embrace the British tradition of churning out villains. The wise, witty, dapper, and sophisticated Brits make for good evildoers. It's apparently time to meet the mastermind behind it all, and he's arrived in the form of Stephen Hawking.

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The spot shows off the new F-Pace, and we have to say it looks rather fetching in its brilliant blue paintwork. At the wheel is yet another British villain. This time it's Luke Allen-Gale getting the nod to play the baddie. He has a heck of a trek ahead of him in order to arrive at a meeting with his boss. The compound is appropriately brutish and modern, and the F-Pace stands out perfectly against the stark backdrop of the evil mountaintop headquarters.

You get plenty of driving shots of the vehicle, but you also get a look at the Activity Key. This is what Allen-Gale hands to the pretty woman waiting for him to arrive. It's designed to allow the driver to leave the keyfob behind inside the vehicle and then lock the vehicle. This is a waterproof wristband that can then open the F-Pace by placing your hand near the rear badge of the car. It's actually a pretty novel idea for those who will take their F-Pace to the beach to go surfing, to the hills for some mountain biking, or for any other activity out there that would be better served by leaving your car keys back in the car.

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