The world’s first sanctioned electric car racing series, the Formula E Championship, is now into its second season and by all accounts appears to be growing in popularity.

Now there’s a new electric car racing series in the works, this time GT-based, and the first car to be nominated for the series is none other than the Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] Model S. The particular variant the organizer, Electric GT Holdings, has chosen is the rear-wheel-drive, 416-horsepower Model S P85+, which Tesla stopped producing in 2014.

The series is called the Electric GT World Series and its organizer is hoping to host the inaugural season in 2017. Officials are looking for 10 teams and in the inaugural season only the Model S will be allowed as it’s the only electric car widely available with sufficient range and performance, according to Transport Evolved (via Green Car Reports).

The cars will be modified for racing, mainly in the area of weight reduction, safety, cooling, braking and aerodynamics. The powertrain, including battery and electronic control software, will be left untouched. Other electric cars could be added in future seasons—we’re looking at you, Rimac.

The Electric GT World Series is yet to receive official sanctioning from a recognized international motorsports body, though Electric GT Holdings representative Agustin Payá said the series already has the support of the FIA and the Royal Spanish Motorsport Federation. Payá, who has previously competed in rally racing using a modified B-Class Electric Drive, also said the motivation behind the series was to get people interested in sustainable transport.

"We chose the Tesla Model S simply because it is one of the best cars ever made, and certainly one of the best 100 percent electric cars," Payá said. "We are convinced that sharing its impressive circuit racing potential will help to inspire many people about sustainable transport."