Land Rover's Range Rover is 45 years old this year. To celebrate this, the British automaker took a current supercharged example of the long-running model and created a unique way to show off its capability. Land Rover reached out to artist Steve Messam for his ability to work with paper... and in that medium he's managed to create a bridge.

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It's a short steep bridge, and the arch portion is nothing but paper. Messam said that creating such a thing for humans to walk over is not a problem, but it's quite another challenge to have a large Range Rover SUV traverse the span.

The Range Rover manages to get up the steep incline without an issue. From there, it pauses for the cameras once it reaches the top before slowly continuing its journey down the other side. The paper never moves. The bridge holds. Color us impressed.

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The stunt took place in Guangzhou, China, which is hosting a major auto show this weekend. For more of coverage on the show, head to our dedicated hub.


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