Rob Dickinson has been breathing massive amounts of new life into older Porsche 911s. His company, Singer Vehicle Design, takes the beloved icon and re-imagines them into something even more incredible. The level of detail is insane (in a good way) and the quality of the work is nearly unparalleled. These cars are, as you might imagine, incredibly expensive. The price tag for a Singer runs well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Now though, you can get a bit of Singer in your life by way of a new book.

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It's called One More Than 10: Singer and the Porsche 911, and it's written by Rob himself along with automotive journalist Michael Harley. Harley is a massive Porsche fan, and he's had plenty of time behind the wheels of all manner of these Stuttgart specials. It makes sense that he'd lend some expertise to the words both he and Rob put down on the page.

Like the cars, the book doesn't come cheap. The coffee-table-grade book is 275 pages long, in full color, and will cost you $85. If you're one of the first 200 to order a copy, it's guaranteed that you'll get it in time for Christmas. That means it would make a terrific gift for the Porsche lover in your life.

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Want to spend a bit more? There's a special limited edition version coming, and it's going to cost you $911 to snag one. Just 100 examples will be made and each comes with a custom display case. These cases are built by the same people who put together the Singer cars, and each case will utilize styling elements and actual materials used during the restoration of the very cars shown in the book.

Want a copy? Head to the Singer website at the address


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