When you think of vehicle aerodynamics, we have to assume that you don't think of your tires. Yokohama thinks about all manner of tire technology on a constant basis, which is why the Japanese tire maker may have found a way to improve the aerodynamic efficiency of those four rubber bits you attach to your wheels.

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Yokohama Aerodyamic Tire Tech

Yokohama Aerodyamic Tire Tech

By adding a number of fin shapes to the outside wall of the tire, Yokohama has found they can reduce vehicle drag. Additionally, the fins also help suppress a bit of lift. When the tire is rolling, the fins rotated to the top of the tire cut down on drag. At the bottom of the rotation, the fins suppress lift characteristics. It's a double win.

This design would improve both sports cars and fuel-economy-minded machines alike. Reduced drag and lift are two great features we didn't expect to find in a potential new tire design.

Yokohama will have the tires on display at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show, full coverage of which you can access via our dedicated hub.


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