The AMS Performance Alpha Omega GT-R is, as you know by now, a beast of a machine designed to obliterate any bit of straight-line tarmac in front of it. This is a Nissan GT-R that has been modified to the point where it's pushing forth around 2,000 horsepower out to all four wheels. Even crazier still is the fact that it's street legal and occasionally street driven. This is a car that can go from 0-60 mph in under two seconds and will blow past the 200 mph mark in just half a mile.

Last year, the GT-R was put to the test against other high-horsepower machines at a drag shootout known as the King of the Streets. The GT-R came out on top then, but this is a new year with new, 2,000-plus-hp competitors. It's time for the team to go back and defend the title.

This time around the GT-R faces some stiff competition, most notably in the form of an Underground Racing-prepped Lamborghini Huracán. Still, this is the Alpha Omega machine we're talking about here. If you expected any competition result besides the top spot you were betting on the wrong horse. See for yourself in the video from the guys at 1320video


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