McLaren’s P1 GTR has been designed strictly with track use in mind but some owners may soon be able to drive their cars on public streets thanks to plans to develop a road-legal version. In case you’ve forgotten, the P1 GTR features a more powerful, 986-horsepower version of the regular P1’s hybrid drivetrain as well as a wider body, more extreme suspension settings and some extensive weight-saving mods.

But it’s not McLaren that is developing the P1 GTR road car but rather fellow British firm Lanzante. The motorsport and engineering firm is the same group behind the McLaren F1’s original 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans victory and since then it’s served as a service center for both road and race McLarens. Now, in an interview with Autocar, Lanzante’s Dean Lanzante has revealed details about the P1 GTR road car project.

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More than 40 P1 GTRs have been sold, all of them to existing P1 customers only, and according to Lanzante the modifications required to turn one of these into a road car will vary from car to car depending on where the owner wants to use it.

"We will be tackling all conversions on a case-by-case basis," Lanzante said. "What we do will depend on where the customer wants to run the car and what the regulations are in that region.”

Crucially, Lanzante explained that his company will ensure that the performance of the P1 GTR road car will still be a level above that of the regular P1, meaning it will still be “lighter, have more power, better aero and so on."

Work on the first conversion will begin later this year. Although McLaren is not involved, the project has the firm’s blessing. The result will mean owners will be able to drive out to their track of choice, have fun pushing their cars to the limit, and then head back home, all without the need for a trailer.

Below is a video featuring McLaren’s official tester Chris Goodwin giving us a brief intro on the P1 GTR at the car's debut at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.


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