A sports car can do wonderful things to the brain. Similarly, we'd have to believe that a fighter jet elicits the same sort of feelings, but punched up a number of notches. That's what Porsche believes too. The automaker enlisted the help of a jet, a pilot, a GT3, a scientist, and one lucky guinea pig.

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We're probably going to have to put the word "scientist" in quotes though, because, despite the fancy graphics, we don't think we're looking at actual results here. Regardless, the willing participant is first put through the paces by way of a jet. There are an increasing amount of G forces at play as the plane turns, banks, dives, and climbs.

It's then time for the subject to jump into the passenger seat of a waiting Porsche 911 GT3. The battle ground is the Zandvoort racing circuit, and the cars clip apexes while intense driving-fed signals are sent into the brain of the passenger.

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Porsche then has its "scientist" examine graphic displays from both experiences. The fighter jet created stronger results, but the area of results from both vehicles is in the same place. Porsche concludes that driving one of its cars is akin to flying in a fighter jet. It's a leap. It's a stretch. It's... a fun video regardless. Our favorite part? The fighter jet helmet that the subject gets to wear.


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