If you haven't heard of the Dudesons, allow me to fill you in on who we're dealing with. The Dudesons are a group of four guys from Finland who like pranks, stunts, comedy, and anything that combines all three fo those things. Think Jackass but with Finnish accents, and you have the Dudesons. These guys prefer going big over going home, and that's what two of them recently did when facing down a snowboard jump and armed with the keys to a pair of beater cars.

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The pair take turns with this stunt, but the result is the same each time. The cars soar through the air and then land quite hard. Each man comes out of the jump-crash unharmed, minus a bit of pain in the gentlemen region.

We're quite impressed with the actual amount of height that both cars achieve, as it's clear that neither driving Dudeson was holding back on the throttle pedal. Still, that's why both cars overshot the landing. Either way, we're glad no one was hurt (too badly), and watching cars jump is pretty much always fun. 

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