Most folks can appreciate a good exhaust note. There's something buried in the noise that rings up a certain part of the soul, and then stirs it. One of the best places to experience wonderful exhaust tones is inside the cozy auditory confines of a tunnel. Apparently there's a spot in the United Kingdom devoted to just such appreciated because there's an Exhaust Appreciation Tunnel... and Lexus just sent its RC F through it.

Now, you'd expect the RC F to sound off with a quality exhaust note. After all, it's packing a 5.0-liter V-8 engine that produces 467 horsepower. The exhaust is released unto the world by way of a quad-exhaust setup with four real exhaust tips, as opposed to the exhaust "bodywork" of the IS F. That sounds like it would make for a pretty pleasing aural adventure, no?

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Well, prepare to be disappointed. The exhaust on the RC F is a bit boring considering the powerplant under the hood. This coupe makes its best noises when you're inside the cabin and crossing over the 3,500 rpm mark as the intake noise changes tone from okay to OH MY. That's where the real action happens. Lexus has been producing vehicles with surprisingly wonderful intake noise for some time now, but the exhaust doesn't hit the same, ahem, high notes.

Still, a V-8 in a tunnel is always interesting, right? Eh. I can appreciate the hard work that went into this video, since it was shot with stills and then compiled into moving pictures. The final result, however, leaves me a bit motion sick, and the aforementioned mediocre exhaust note doesn't ring magically into my ears... or more importantly, into my heart.

There's always the aftermarket though. Or you could rob a bank and buy a LFA.


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