The Bentley Bentayga may be one of the most awkwardly named vehicles headed to market, but it’s also the brand’s first SUV, planned to take the brand into new markets. It makes sense, then, that Bentley may be considering a smaller version to expand even further.

According to a report from Top Gear, that’s exactly what Bentley plans to do—but rather than making a sub-Bentayga model, it would seek to offer a more design-centric coupe-type crossover.

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Citing a talk with Bentley chief Wolfgang Duerheimer, Top Gear notes that the coupe-type crossover is just one of two ideas: an entirely new model or a new derivative of an existing model. If it were a derivative, it would be the coupe-crossover.

If it were an entirely new model, however, it might be a smaller, sportier car with a greater emphasis on light weight and performance. Duerheimer discounts that possibility, however, noting that crossovers and SUVs are the current growth market.

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Both possibilities seem equally likely at this point; Bentley is performing design work and market research to determine which is the best path forward. Duerheimer says he expects a decision to be made within 18 months.


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