Father and son Paul and Chris Andrews have amassed a wonderfully diverse collection of automobiles. The vehicles range from vintage Duesenbergs to old pickup trucks on over to 1980s dream sports cars. All together, the Andrews have over 100 vehicles in their possession and they're all in amazing shape. The time has come, however, for the collection to be culled.

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RM Auctions has teamed up with the family to handle the sale of 75 vehicles from the Andrews collection. These vehicles are being offered up with no reserve, yet every single auction item is expected to fetch a handsome sum. Additionally, this auction should prove appealing to a wide range of car enthusiasts as the diversity being presented is intriguing.

The 1935 Duesenberg Model SJ Town Car is an exquisite example of coachbuilt excellence, while the 1963 Shelby 289 Competition Cobra is a real race car with serious history. The 1953 Mercury M100 pickup truck is a stylish workhorse just like the 1967 Toyota FJ45 Land Cruiser pickup, yet both are from different times and different parts of the world. There are Ferraris both new and old, ultra-clean classic Cadillacs, and even a Lamborghini Countach.

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Essentially, this is the collection that a true automotive enthusiast would have given the time and money to go out and get it. It's a bit of everything, but it's also the best of what it represents. The Andrews have done one hell of a job assembling this crew of cars. Now they're getting down to their core collection favorites by selling off three-quarters of the whole thing. 


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