Aston Martin is keen on ensuring that its next generation cars meet and exceed the requirements of its customer base. To help with that goal, the automaker has opened the doors on a brand new prototype and vehicle development center located within the grounds of  the MIRA Technology Park in the U.K. This location serves as a testing bed for a number of automotive brands ranging from Jaguar and Land Rover to Michelin, Bosch, Pirelli, and Continental, just to name a few.

Adding this facility will help Aston Martin continue to research and develop new models in a secure environment. MIRA serves as home to a number of brands undergoing the same or similar testing, and its here where these brands can test and prototype their products in a space that allows for a wide range of varying spaces.

From its large proving ground track to its 24/7 security group, MIRA Technology Park seems a wise choice for an automaker such as Aston Martin, which is in the process of developing a new platform for its next generation of sports cars as well as other technologies. Here the engineers can prototype and develop without fear of prying eyes... or telephoto camera lenses. It's also an investment in the local area as MIRA Technology Park looks to add at least 2,000 jobs as it continues to grow and add more clients to its roster.