If you produce a product, I'd have to assume you stand behind your work and your creation. How far would you be willing to go to prove this? Texas Armoring Corporation President and CEO Trent Kimball goes to the extreme to prove that his product is fit for duty. That's because Kimball builds armored vehicles that need to stand up to hostile folks with hostile weaponry.

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To prove his vehicles are up to snuff, Kimball recently jumped behind the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz GL-Class. One of his employees was standing about 20 yards away. This employee has a loaded AK-47 at his disposal, and disposing of some rounds is what he does next.

The shots turn the windscreen of the GL into a nest of glassy spiderwebs, but the bullets do not penetrate into the cabin space of the Benz. Kimball emerges with no new holes in his blue suit, and no new orifices in his body. His armored vehicle has withstood a barrage of shots, and would clearly be able to usher its occupants to safety.

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It's clear that the shooter knew not to attempt multiple shots in the same spot, as no safety glass is designed to handle that. Still, a hostile force wouldn't typically get a sitting duck Mercedes like this either. The car would be moving, and then moving more quickly once the first shot was fired. This grouping of shots is probably far better than the average would-be car jacker or assassin could produce. That doesn't mean we'd jump behind the wheel to experience what the CEO of TAC just displayed.

It's impressive... yes the car, but we were talking about the stones on Kimball. 


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