Last week, Cadillac's chief Johan de Nysscshen made the surprise announcement that the brand’s cars will all start using the CT name, with the first model to use the new naming strategy destined to be a new full-size sedan set for reveal early next year. The new sedan will be called the CT6, where the numerical component represents the car’s positioning in the brand’s hierarchy.

But what about Cadillac’s crossovers and SUVs? Well, we can now reveal that high-riding models will use the XT designation. The information was revealed by Cadillac’s marketing chief Uwe Ellinghaus during a recent interview with Forbes.

“Future SUVs will have an XT and cars will have a CT and the number behind each pair of letters will indicate its size in the hierarchy,” he explained. The move is to prevent an alphabet soup of meaningless names having to be created as the Cadillac lineup continues to expand.

Of course, Cadillac’s existing Escalade will be an exception to the new plan. It appears some things are sacred, even with de Nysscshen running the show. You may recall that the South African executive was in charge of Infiniti for two years before switching to Cadillac, where he was responsible for changing the name of every model in the lineup overnight to a Q and a number for cars and a QX and a number for SUVs. Suffice it to say, there were—and still are—plenty of confused shoppers out there.

Not wanting to repeat this folly, de Nysscshen has chosen that for Cadillac the new names will be applied as models are either introduced or redesigned. While the first CT model will be the new sedan debuting next year, the first XT model will likely be the redesigned SRX, which also debuts next year.


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