Audi has just shown an engine packing a turbocharger that is electrically-driven at low revs to help eliminate lag. Audi is expected to initially offer the technology in its next-generation Q7 SUV, most likely in 2016, but the German automaker isn’t the only one investigating the advanced turbo design.

4WheelsNews, citing sources in Italy, is reporting that Ferrari is among the handful of automakers looking to add an electronically-driven turbocharger to its future force-fed models. The Prancing Horse already has the technology available, as it features in the automaker’s 2014 Formula One car.

Ferrari has confirmed that it will stick with V-8 and V-12 engines for the foreseeable future but will add turbocharging systems to its eight-cylinder mills in order to boost their performance while cutting CO2 emissions. We’ve already seen this with the California T, Ferrari’s first turbocharged car since the F40. The V-12s, meanwhile, will stay naturally aspirated but be paired with hybrid systems, as seen in the LaFerrari.

While it’s not clear when we might see another Ferrari hybrid, the automaker’s next turbocharged car is expected to be an updated version of the 458 Italia due in 2015. It’s not clear if this model will receive the new electrically-driven turbocharger, however.