Earlier this year, the official personalization department of McLaren, McLaren Special Operations, unveiled a 650S concept equipped with a number of unique elements aimed at improving both the car’s styling and performance. Now, just a day out from the start of the 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed, McLaren has confirmed it will build 50 examples of the 650S with the same specifications as the concept and will showcase the production version for the first time at Goodwood.  

Available as either a coupe or convertible, the MSO 650S is fitted with a number of carbon fiber styling upgrades with a satin finish, including extended side sills that provide a more hunkered-down look. There is also a new three-piece rear bumper that includes a carbon fiber center section and more aggressive rear diffuser, both of which help improve downforce.

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The exterior design is finished with a special set of 10-spoke alloy wheels with a unique diamond cut effect to the inside edge of each spoke. These wheels save 8.8 pounds over the standard-fit design, and are held in place by lightweight titanium wheel bolts. Three paint finishes are available: Agrigan Black, Papaya Spark and Sarigan Quartz, the latter of which is featured above and described as a vibrant metallic silver with a subtle golden infusion.

Inside, the MSO 650S is upholstered with carbon black leather and Alcantara, while satin lacquered carbon fiber detailing extends throughout the driver and passenger zones. In contrast, a gloss finish has been applied to the air vents and handling and powertrain switchgear on the Active Dynamics Panel. Completing the upgrade is a plaque with McLaren chief designer Frank Stephenson’s signature. Buyers also get a Stephenson-signed sketch and a MSO-branded leather bag.

Pricing for the MSO 650S starts at £252,500 (approximately $428,980).

MSO was launched in 2011 and offers a full personalisation service for McLaren owners. The dedicated division grew out of McLaren’s Customer Care program, which goes back 20 years to the days of the original F1 and continues to maintain and service the legendary supercar. Should your pockets be deep enough, MSO can even build you a whole new car based the underpinnings of one of McLaren’s supercars.


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