We have dramatic video footage that shows a driver of a Ferrari 360 Modena suddenly losing control of his exotic and crashing down a steep embankment. The crash recently took place on a stretch of the Mulholland Highway in Malibu.

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This video, which was posted to YouTube by user RNickeyMouse (via Jalopnik), shows the Ferrari spin out of control before it slides off the road and down the embankment. The likely culprit is a little too much gas being applied as the car exits what appears to be a hairpin turn in the road.  

Given the speed the car was traveling at and the height of its fall, you’d think that any occupants would be severely injured. However, it turns out the driver only sustained some minor cuts to his head and a passenger was unharmed.

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Unfortunately the 360 Modena didn’t up so well, as its roof appears to be crushed and the rear, where the engine lies, significantly damaged as well.


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