To celebrate its 25th birthday, American sports carmaker Panoz is launching a special 25h Anniversary Edition Esperante Spyder, with a host of unique features to differentiate it from regular Spyders.

Panoz might have fallen from public view when its Le Mans program ended, but the firm still hosts a roster of different sports cars, from the traditional Spyder through the stripped-down Roadster, to the GTR1--little removed from the race cars of Panoz's heyday. The 25th Anniversary Spyder (via Autoblog) is said to celebrate the company's racing heritage and other sports cars of the last 25 years. Just 25 examples of the Spyder and Spyder GT will be produced, for $189,000 and $229,000 respectively.

So what do you get for your two hundred grand or so? A hand-built, open-topped roadster is the answer, in either lightweight aluminum with aerospace connections, or in the case of the GT, one clothed in carbon fiber body panels. The chassis under each car is a modular, extruded aluminum structure, while both feature various aluminum and carbon fiber parts for increased strength and reduced weight. Independent suspension ties you to the road at each end via 19-inch BBS alloys and Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires front and rear--245/40s at the front and 285/35s for the 9.5-inch rear rims.

That's cornering sorted, and power won't be a problem either--the Esperante Spyder's 4.6-liter supercharged V-8 is available in outputs from 430-800 horsepower. Electric traction control keeps the power in check, and while electric interior features are notable by their absence you do get a race-inspired carbon fiber steering wheel, a set of fully-adjustable carbon fiber sport seats, various gauges to check on the engine, wood, leather and media player connectivity.


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