McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray has revealed that he wants to build a new supercar that could take on the likes of the latest LaFerrari from Ferrari and even the new P1 from his former employer McLaren. He sees those cars’ heavy electrical systems as being too cumbersome and not at all related to the ethos of the ultimate driver’s car.     

“I’ve got one more supercar left in me,” Murray told Motor Sport Magazine’s monthly podcast (via Drive). “The fun and new challenge to me would be looking at this new brace of supercars, one-and-half-to-two tonnes, full of electrics and stuff, would be to dump all that and build a driver’s car again.”

Murray went on to explain that his design for a new supercar would focus on less weight and be powered by an internal combustion engine. He also said that his current operations, Gordon Murray Design, doesn’t have the capacity to build a high-volume car but it could manage “a few racing cars or 100 or so supercars.”

He also said Gordon Murray Design was developing nine different cars at the moment, including city cars, off-road vehicles and a fun to drive sports car due in 2017. The first car designed by the firm is a city car that Yamaha plans to build.

The interview is well worth the listen because Murray reveals a distaste for the new direction of Formula One and that he had devised a long-term strategy for McLaren’s road cars before he left the company. In that strategy, the successor to the F1 would have been a smaller car, complete with a carbon fiber central tub and a naturally aspirated engine.

The last juicy tidbit revealed by Murray was that he would love to return to motorsport, particularly sports car racing like Le Mans.


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