Some consider Juan Manuel Fangio to be the greatest racing driver that ever lived. Some people... are correct. El Maestro competed in 52 Formula One races and drove off the victor in 24 of them. That means he won nearly every other race he entered. This led to five world championships for Fangio, with the last four all coming year after year from 1954 through 1957.

Now, I'm as big an Ayrton Senna fan as anyone, but I think even Senna might concede a bit of the spotlight to Fangio... maybe.

Regardless, if you're a Fangio fan yourself you can now get the chance to pretend to drive like him. Well, not like him on the racetrack but more the way he drove around town. His 1970 Ika Torino 380S is heading to auction. Silverstone Auctions will be rolling it across the stage at the Lancaster Classic Motor Show, which runs November 15th and 16th.

The car was a gift to Fangio, and it will certainly wind up heading to a happy new home. The Torino 380S is being offered without reserve so it could prove to be an easy sale to a lucky collector.

We imagine it won't come too cheaply, especially considering how revered Fangio is all over the globe. After all, his racecars fetch sums in the tens of millions of dollars. This won't go anywhere near that, but it should fetch a solid amount, especially for an Ika Torino 380S.


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