Last year, Audi reinterpreted the Herman Melville novel Moby Dick to help promote the surefootedness of its quattro all-wheel-drive system in a new ad. The famous white whale of Melville's classic was depicted as an Audi A6, which remained elusive to Ahab, a tow truck driver whose job it was to pull the ill-equipped from frozen ditches. 

This time around, Ahab has traded in his tow truck for a tan and taken early retirement. Unfortunately, no matter where he goes or how far he runs, he can never escape his demons.

We’re not sure if the white Audi A6 with quattro represents fate in the same way that Melville’s white whale did, but we know this: if you’re in need of grip that only an all-wheel-drive vehicle can provide, a quattro-equipped Audi is hard to beat.


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