A prototype for Ferrari’s long-awaited successor to 2007’s 430 Scuderia has finally been spotted, and the guys over at Autogespot have the first shots. The car is a hardcore version of the already extreme 458 Italia and a reveal is slated for the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show in September.

The car’s official name is not yet known though the rumor mill has suggested names such as “458 Monte Carlo” and “458 Challenge Stradale.” Ferrari almost always manages to surprise with its naming choices, however.

This particular prototype was spotted just outside Ferrari’s headquarters in Maranello, Italy. It features extensive camouflage gear around the lower portions of the car though it appears that there may be some changes on the hood and roof as well.

The front bumper is likely to have been redesigned and at the rear we can clearly see two exhaust tips instead of the triple-pipe design of the regular 458. A previous report suggested the use of active winglets on the rear diffuser, also.

Like its predecessors, the hardcore 458 will be lighter than the stock 458 Italia. The previous 430 Scuderia weighed 220 pounds less than the regular 430, meaning the hardcore 458 may end up weighing as little as 2,900 pounds.

The car is also expected to borrow a number of elements from the 458 Challenge race car and utilize knowledge learned during development of the new LaFerrari flagship supercar. Look for new gear ratios and a more tightly calibrated tune for the 458 Italia’s seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. There should also be stiffer suspension, uprated brakes, stickier rubber and the aforementioned lighter curb weight.

Peak output from the 458’s 4.5-liter V-8, meanwhile, is reported to see an increase to around 600 horsepower, up from the current 562-horsepower rating. This is said to be courtesy of forged internals, the redline moved up 300 revs to 9,300 rpm, and the exhaust system made less restrictive.

A debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show is fitting, since the biannual event has been favored by Ferrari for debuts concerning its entry-level mid-engine model. The 2007 show played host to the debut of the 430 Scuderia followed by the debut of the 458 Italia at 2009’s event and the 458 Spider at the most recent 2011 show.

We should have more details on the Ferrari 458 ‘Scuderia’ as we approach the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show’s September 10 opening press day. For our complete coverage of the event, be sure to visit our dedicated hub.


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