We've landed firmly on the side of the technologists when it comes to the latest generation of the Porsche 911, including the dual-clutch-only GT3. But that doesn't mean we don't appreciate a good classic sports car experience. In fact, we treasure our time behind the wheels of cars like the 1988 911 Carrera Club Sport.

But owning an older sports car brings with it its own set of concerns--like sourcing hard-to-find parts or restoring damaged or deteriorated interior and exterior bits. Sometimes you can take care of things on your own--but sometimes you'll need some help.

That's where factory programs like Porsche Classic come in--they can deliver the parts, and do the work, restoring cars to better-than-new condition (if your budget allows).

Even with the help of Porsche Classic, there's a lot of potential for investing yourself in a classic car that doesn't exist even in the highly-personlizable modern market--you can feel as if you truly helped the car come (back) to life.

So with factory support and a myriad if enticing classic models to choose from, is the best new-to-you Porsche an old Porsche?