Italian stye is oft imitated but hard to actually get right. The Italians have knack for producing all sorts of goods that simply look fantastic, and this extends from their suits to their cars on to their... appliances? Yes, now that Fiat has teamed up with SMEG to create the SMEG 500 refrigerator.

We're not talking about the modern Fiat 500. No, this is the still-good-looking Cinquecento which has been cut down and reworked into a machine that will keep your food and beverages icy cold.

This quirky home decor talking point is the latest design piece to join the Fiat 500 Design Collection. Other pieces include sofas and tables.

Teaming up with SMEG for this fridge adds a new chilling depth to the collection, and would make a truly excellent garage fridge--provided you have the space for more than one car.

Still, it's not like the full-size Cinquecento would take up much space... much less one-third of an old Fiat.

The refrigerator is equipped with two sliding doors, three removable bottle holders, an dedicated shelf just for cans, and a thermostat to control temperature. You can order the SMEG 500 from the Fiat 500 Design website. Hopefully you speak a bit of Italian if you plan on ordering one.


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