When you're prepping a car to make runway blasts at the Texas Mile, you're going to be curious about how much power the vehicle is making. One competitor is Kelly Bise, and his vehicle of choice is a F-Body Chevrolet Camaro. Not a stock Camaro, mind you. Per Autoblog, this particular car is powered by an engine which benefits from the addition of a pair of turbos. All of the engine work adds up to a hefty dose of power... 1,800 horsepower to the wheels, to be more precise.

1,800 horsepower.

To the wheels.

Unleash the Kraken! err, the Camaro so we can see what it will do on the dyno. Well, if you've watched the video above you can see exactly what it can do, especially to a set of tires. Those drag radials couldn't take the beating and decided to call it quits in a highly dramatic fashion. Unfortunately, this wasn't the last time the tires gave way on Bise's Camaro. During a run at the 2013 Texas Mile it happened again, this time while out on the runway chasing down 220 miles per hour. Bise was okay, and we look forward to more high-horsepower hijinks at the 2014 Texas Mile.


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