The LaFerrari supercar is already the fastest and most powerful road car ever built by Ferrari, and if the automaker’s performance claims are to be believed it could just be the most capable production car the world has ever known.

For its latest flagship, Ferrari is claiming a 0-60 mph time of under 3.0 seconds, a 0-186 mph time of 15 seconds and a top speed in excess of 217 mph.  

But could the LaFerrari’s performance envelope be lifted even higher?

According to a new report, Ferrari plans to do just that.

Autocar, citing LaFerrari designer Flavio Manzoni, reports that there are plans underway for a more extreme version of the car that could be sold in very limited numbers. We’re talking less than ten examples here.  

“When we were producing the original design proposals for LaFerrari, there was one proposal that I thought was especially beautiful,” Manzoni said. “So we decided to keep that one back for something truly special in the future.”

Manzoni didn’t give any hints as to what this more extreme LaFerrari could be, though something along the lines of the previous Enzo supercar’s FXX track version is a possibility and is likely at some point in the car’s life cycle.  

Another possibility is a lightweight version developed using construction techniques previewed on 2007’s Millechili concept car. The Millechili weighed just 2,200 pounds while the LaFerrari has a dry weight of 2,766 pounds.

According to another report from Automotive News (subscription required), Ferrari engineers had envisaged a curb weight similar to that of the Millechili for the new LaFerrari and even proposed using a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V-8 engine, though had to change plans when senior management insisted on a naturally aspirated V-12 and hybrid setup.

Whatever Ferrari has in store for its more extreme LaFerrari, expect pricing to reach as high as $5 million or perhaps even more. As we’ve seen with Lamborghini’s Veneno, there’s no shortage of well-heeled buyers ready to drop serious cash on limited edition supercars.