A fortnight ago, we brought you news that McLaren was about to launch an online interactive experience centering on its new P1 supercar.

Featuring the heading Designed By Air, the interactive experience has just gone live and is ready to be pricked and prodded by P1 fans as well as those with a general interest in supercar design and development.

The new interactive experience offers a detailed insight as to how the P1 is born from raw metallic and carbon elements and then crafted by airflow. The journey evolves to unveil the car within the wind tunnel, highlighting the aerodynamic focus of the design.

There is also a 3D model with information about the finely honed aerodynamic features, along with simulations of the P1’s aerodynamics working in various locations including urban, highway, alpine and race track environments. 

What separates the P1 from most other high-powered cars is its aerodynamics, which McLaren concedes is the key to the car’s performance. Leveraging decades of Formula One know-how, McLaren engineers looked at managing air flow in and around the P1’s bodywork and optimized the aerodynamics in order to reach the performance targets for the car. This had the added benefited of creating a highly unique and emotive shape.

Designed by Air is the first of a two part series telling the extraordinary story behind the P1’s design. We’ll bring you an update as soon as the second part is launched.

But enough time wasting, click here to access Designed By Air.

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