It’s hard to believe that the last trailer we saw for Grand Theft Auto V came out in 2011, but while the wait for a follow up has been long, we’re sure you’ll agree it was worth it.

The game’s publisher Rockstar Games has provided us with almost four minutes of mayhem, sleazy antics and vehicular action in its latest trailer, and has confirmed that GTA5 will hit store shelves on September 17.

Set in Los Santos, a fictional (but eerily accurate) facsimile of Los Angeles, the new game looks to follow the story of three men, Michael, Franklin and Trevor, looking for success in some very questionable ways.  

However, we're most interested in the cars here at Motor Authority and we're glad to report it's looking good in this respect. There are a number of vehicles to control in the game, including the usual assortment of sports cars, motorcycles, helicopters and even an airplane.

The vehicles look more detailed than ever and the area surrounding the virtual city of Los Santos looks stunning, with roads twisting around wind farms, immense mountains and skyscrapers providing the backdrop.

At present, GTA5 has only been announced for Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360, though versions for PC and Nintendo’s Wii U are being considered.

Also expected on store shelves this year is another highly anticipated game, Gran Turismo 6, which is reportedly due for launch in late November.