Drag races between cars and jets may not be the most accurate way of comparing performance, but they certainly are fun to watch.

The latest pairs a 2014 Nissan GT-R with a Hawker Hunter fighter jet and sees the two face off on a runway strip in Switzerland.

The stunt was organized by N_Magazine together with Nissan of Germany, which explains why the video is in German.

Don’t worry if your German skills aren’t the best as the video offers plenty of tasty visuals. If you want to skip straight to the action, fast forward to the four minute mark and then sit back and enjoy the race.

We won’t spoil it for you by revealing the winner, but perhaps these specs will help you predict the outcome.

The 2014 Nissan GT-R develops a peak output of 545 horsepower and 463 pound-feet of torque from its twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V-6 engine, which helps propel it to 60 mph in 2.7 seconds.

The Hawker Hunter, meanwhile, develops 22,000 horsepower from its Rolls-Royce engine and has a maximum speed of 715 mph.

The 2014 Nissan GT-R is priced from just under $100k and comes in various trims including GT-R Premium, GT-R Black Edition and the new-for-2014 GT-R Track Edition.