BMW is planning a few changes for its 6-Series lineup in 2014, and from an enthusiast perspective virtually all of them are positive. First and foremost, BMW has heard the complaints of U.S. buyers, and it will introduce a six-speed manual gearbox as a no-charge option on all 2014 M6 variants.

That means you’ll be able to row your own gears in a 2014 BMW M6 Coupe, M6 Convertible or M6 Gran Coupe. In Efficient and Sport mode, the gearbox also provides rev-matching on downshifts, but this feature is disabled in Sport + mode.

M Carbon Ceramic Brakes are an available option across the M6 range, and shed a total of 42.8 pounds of unsprung weight. The carbon ceramic rotors shed heat quicker than their (more affordable) cast iron counterparts, too, which should be a consideration for owners planning on regular track day use.

New to the 6-Series product line for 2014 is the limited-production Frozen Brilliant White Edition Convertible, which comes in either 650i (rear-wheel drive) or 650i xDrive (all-wheel drive) versions. Just 100 will be built, each boasting a matte white finish, matte black mirror caps, black grille and 20-inch two-tone alloy wheels.

Inside, the Frozen Brilliant White Edition Convertible gets black Nappa Leather upholstery, a black soft top, gray poplar wood trim, the M Sport Package, the Executive Package and BMW’s Dynamic Digital Instrument Cluster, which varies the car’s instrument display by the Driving Dynamic mode selected.

All-wheel drive Frozen Brilliant White Edition Convertibles get the Cold Weather Package, too, and are priced at $110,095 including $895 for destination and handling. Rear-wheel drive Frozen Brilliant White Convertibles are priced at $106,695, also including destination charge.

The other big news for 2014 is that all 6 Series models will come with BMW’s iDrive version 4.2, and xDrive now becomes an available option on 640i Gran Coupe models.