Each year the UK’s Goodwood Festival of Speed is marked by the unveiling of an oversized sculpture centering on an automotive theme, and this year’s event, which takes place this week, will be no different. Last year it was Alfa Romeo celebrating its centenary and the year before that it was Audi.

For 2011 Jaguar has taken it upon itself to unveil a new sculpture, choosing to honor its iconic E-Type sports car which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

The sculpture, made out of steel tubes, features the distinctive shape of one of the world's most-loved sports car. It soars almost 92 feet into the air and weighs in at 160 tons, the equivalent mass of 122 E-Types.

The work was created by Gerry Judah, a world-renowned sculptor who has created several Goodwood Festival sculptures in the past. It is constructed from steel pipes typically used for gas pipelines and some of the metal used was donated by Tata Steel, a subsidiary of Jaguar’s parent company Tata.

As well as the soaring sculpture, visitors to the event will be able to see an array of Jaguars past and present, including the stunning C-X75 concept car, and its famous C and D-Type racing cars will taking to the Goodwood Hillclimb course as part of the exhibition.