Henrik Fisker isn’t the only automotive executive who’s no longer in charge of the company that bears his name. As Autocar reports, Charles Morgan has been ousted as the managing director of the Morgan Motor Company, purveyor of timeless and quintessentially British roadsters and three-wheelers.

Charles Morgan is the grandson of company founder H.F.S. Morgan, who began his cyclecar manufacturing business in 1910 and remained on as managing director until 1959. H.F.S. Morgan was succeeded by Peter Morgan (Charles’ father), who served as head of the company until 2003.

Charles was late in entering the family business, spending the early part of his career as a television cameraman, then later working in publishing. He joined the Morgan Motor Company as a full-time employee in 1985, and was appointed to the role of managing director in 2006.

Rumor had it that Morgan’s board of directors hadn’t been satisfied with Charles' performance in the role, but a company spokesperson stated that the move came on good terms for all involved. Morgan will be succeeded by Steve Morris, the automaker’s former operations director.

As for Charles Morgan, he will remain with the company in a business development capacity. According to Morgan’s sales manager, Nick Baker, “Charles will remain the figurehead of Morgan. His role is now to focus on opening doors and creating the market.”