Max Plantinger isn’t your typical car collector. His modest garage is stocked with single-brand parts, not with an endless array of high-dollar collector cars that are too valuable to drive.

A passionate Audi fan, Plantinger’s collection consists of two Audi 100 Coupe S models, as well as an Audi 80 Variant station wagon. While all three may be common in Europe, they’re virtually unknown (outside of Audi collector circles) in the United States.

Though the Audi 100 Coupe S models owned by Plantinger are far more stylish (and likely higher in performance), they’re not nearly as rare as the Variant. During the C1 Coupe S’ production run (from 1970 - 1976), nearly 31,000 examples were built, and the car’s good looks likely ensured that many were preserved.

Audi built over 27,000 Variant’s during the car’s seven-year production run (which ended in 1972), but few owners thought to preserve the utilitarian wagons for posterity. By Plantinger’s estimate, only 10 survive today, including the car he calls the “crown jewel” of his collection.

We get the attraction to weird and potentially unloved vehicles ourselves, and tip our hats to Plantinger for his passion towards the Audi brand. We can think of plenty of domestic cars that used to roam the American landscape, now relegated to the history books. When was the last time you saw an AMC Eagle or a Ford Pinto Cruising Wagon on the open road?

Like the Audi 80 Variant, they may not be the most memorable cars or even the most sought-after by collectors, but we hope someone, somewhere, has such cars in their own neatly-organized garage.