After its debacle with Saab, flirting with bankruptcy itself, and a drought of new product for its dedicated supercar brand, Spyker aims to re-invigorate its image with the launch of a new concept at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

The B6 Concept will sport what appears to be a compact, curvaceous coupe shape, though despite the mildly retro lines, the details will be typically Spyker--audacious. The latest teaser image, presumably of the tail lights confirms this.

Expectations of the B6's general specification are simple: two seats, a mid-mounted engine (perhaps a six-cylinder), and rear-wheel drive. Beyond that, little is suspected, much less known.

Spyker has been rumored to be planning a competitor to Porsche's 911 and Audi's R8, however, so performance, pricing, and specification could mirror those cars.

Whatever comes of it, look for the official information and photos right here next week once the Geneva show is underway.

Teaser for Spyker B6 sports car concept

Teaser for Spyker B6 sports car concept